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ICC | ISMAILIA Constructions Co.

News Date : 2017-05-26

Company Profile

  • Founded in 1995 on behalf of APJ Abdul Halim and the individual firm and has been added to the attribute trade company Radwa Trading & Contracting has started its activity in 2001, and individual enterprises, which is doing all concretes integrated and focused on the company's charge d'affaires Neutering «Tkasy» which is all Mayoda on wall or ceiling, for example, all types of brick and stone-Hashimi and basalt and gravel and stone colored mica and Alsornaja, etc. .........
  • Then emerged, including company Ismailia for contracting and import and export, which began operations in 2009 and individual enterprises were working in the same approach Crkpalradwy of work in addition to imports of raw materials required that have successfully set up a company Ismailia Construction, a joint stock company belonging to the Investment Authority in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 159 and began activity in 2010, including all its achievements, which the two companies combined two of professional experience and technical and trade name is attached to the previous work carried out by the company in three stages.

The company has two branches:

  • Main Branch in New Cairo and the second section Balsmaalip as that of the company factory in the industrial zone for marble and granite, hard-Hashimi, Helwan and the snake plant and the new administration building under construction in the industrial city in New Cairo area behind the American University in 6000 m2  

Dear Customer

  • We put between your hands more than fifteen years of experience thanks to the policy and the company's technologies and high quality next to the highest level we have made tremendous achievements for that find us in the domestic market have left a great impact to our customers our commitment to meet all the demands of art.
  • We can meet all the requests of all types of natural stone and Egyptian industrial and other stone Alhashimp various types of bricks, thermal Pharaonic stone and white gravel, black and granite, mica and all kinds of tile importer and types of (Spanish - Portgaly - Italy - Greek - Turkish - Saudi).